106H—Translate Success From the Classroom to the Boardroom

Wednesday, March 30th

About the Session

This panel session will provide attendees an opportunity to discuss how to translate their skills and competencies from the classroom to the boardroom. The moderator, a former healthcare executive, and current MHA program director will facilitate an interactive dialogue with the COO panelists.

Both COO panelists offer a unique perspective as practitioners and educators. Both work in academic medicine. Both serve as mentors to health administration students as well as preceptors to health administration student interns. Both co-teach the capstone course for their alma mater’s MHA program. The panelists also offer their individual unique perspectives. They serve different patient populations: one serves in a children’s hospital, and the other in an adult hospital. They offer different gender perspectives: one is female, and one is male.

During the session, the panelists will share the specific skills and competencies they developed during their MHA program that have proven most valuable in their career development. They will also share how they approached career development outside the classroom during their time in graduate school. The COOs will share which skills and competencies work in theory versus which ones work in the real world. They will explain the nuances of leading and managing in a complex environment where success depends to a great extent on effective communication and relationship management.

As practitioners, the panelists will share what has worked for them in practical terms. They will share how to best combine theory with experience to lead and manage authentically. As mentors and preceptors, the panelists will share the talents they seek in applicants and the habits they see as effective for students gaining practical work experience. As educators, the panelists will share what study and teamwork behaviors are most successful in maximizing the learning environment to prepare for a career in health administration.

Learning Objectives:

  • Distinguish between effective and ineffective methods of communication and recognize what works in theory versus practice.
  • Identify relationship dynamics and discuss how to leverage relationships to produce personal and organizational success.


Presented By

Casey Woods

OU Health Medical Center

Gerry Ibay, JD

Vice Chair/Assistant Professor/MHA Program Director

Kendal Pinkston

Oklahoma Children’s Hospital