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After much discussion and consideration, the ACHE Board of Governors and leadership team have decided to cancel the 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership due to the need for leaders and healthcare organizations to manage their responses to coronavirus (COVID-19) within their communities. Learn more at

106B – Strategies, Marketing and Policy for Virtual Urgent Care

Wednesday, March 25th

About the Session

The goal of this seminar is to help healthcare organizations launch new VCC services lines through the development of more creative strategic innovations. Attendees will analyze various business models for VCC and identify key determinants that may facilitate or impede innovation in organizations providing this service. Furthermore, attendees will discover how to implement a VCC service line through innovative marketing strategies, operational efficiencies and optimizing changes in health policy to ensure rapid access to market, making VCC a profitable venture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Transform health service delivery with targeted marketing using VCC as a new service line that meets the needs of nonurgent, on-demand, consumer-driven care preferences.
  • Discover new strategies for implementing a VCC service line in your community.


Presented By

Attila J. Hertelendy, PhD

Assistant Professor
Florida International University

Cynthia M. LeRouge, PhD

Associate Professor/Director
Florida International University

Ryan Sterling

Doctoral Candidate
University of Washington