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After much discussion and consideration, the ACHE Board of Governors and leadership team have decided to cancel the 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership due to the need for leaders and healthcare organizations to manage their responses to coronavirus (COVID-19) within their communities. Learn more at

104H – Growing Canadian Health Leadership Momentum Through LEADS and the Canadian College of Health Leaders

Wednesday, March 25th

About the Session

Canada is made up of 13 provincial and territorial healthcare systems that have their own unique healthcare service delivery models along with a federal health system that provides health services to unique populations, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and indigenous populations. It is a complex system—a common thread in healthcare service delivery around the world.

Compounding this complex system is the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous state of health service delivery through competing budgetary priorities, changing policy, new technology and evidence supporting better outcomes. Keeping current is challenging, particularly in a top-down leadership approach. This seminar, presented by the Canadian College of Health Leaders, will explore a paradigm shift currently happening in Canada. The country’s health system is moving away from a single leader who does it all toward collective, shared leadership, where leaders take turns leading and following. This is an essential transition to navigate the ever-changing healthcare environment and to meet the future needs of the system. Faculty will discuss the development of the LEADS in a Caring Environment leadership capabilities framework, which sparked a collaborative approach to leadership development across health sectors and throughout the continuum of care.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the need for an adaptive leadership model to create an alternative future for health service delivery.
  • Discuss the development and dissemination of the LEADS innovation framework in Canada and its broader application.


Presented By

Alain Doucet

Canadian College of Health Leaders

Graham Dickson, PhD

Co-founder, LEADS/Research Advisor
Canadian Health Leadership Network/Canadian Society of Physician Leaders

Brenda Lammi

Professional and Leadership Development, Canadian College of Health Leaders