About the Session

This session will showcase how to bring together an interdisciplinary group of clinicians, actuaries, contractors, analysts, data architects, report writers and system leaders to create a successful population health analytics team. Such a team will support the clinical, quality and contracting needs of a population health delivery system. Faculty will review how to identify the resources needed to get started based on the driving force behind the “why” of population health in your organization. They also will review strategies for iterative learning and report writing, scheduling of data systems to promote success and keeping the momentum high enough to decrease staff attrition while creating individual successes for your team members. IT infrastructure is only a part of the success of a population health analytics team. What your team members feel ownership of to build, transform and enhance that data is truly the real outcome of your success.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe four key factors for understanding the current state of your analytics program and impact to key stakeholders.
  • Identify four tasks responsible for creating a successful data analytics team to drive population health data.