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08B – The Journey Toward Systemness

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

Propelled by the rapidly evolving environment, healthcare organizations are challenged to achieve sustainability and resilience while preserving independence. Most providers are operating within thin margins, facing increasing competition, and grappling with changes in utilization and reimbursement structures. To remain viable, leaders of nonurban independent hospitals and health systems must embrace systemness to position their organizations as the provider of choice in their communities and deliver a high-performance continuum of care. With systemness, healthcare organizations align with other providers through structures that allow hospitals to gain the scale necessary to deliver care across a broader continuum while ensuring access to quality services and controlling costs. This session uses case studies to illustrate why and how hospital leaders can move toward systemness. Presenters will discuss how they worked toward integrating structure, culture, capabilities, processes and people, and what leadership success and failure looks like in a systemness environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the concept of systemness and how it can promote sustainability by enhancing scale and reducing unit costs.
  • Describe various systemness structures that can benefit independent hospitals.


Presented By

Chip Holmes

Division Vice President
Quorum Health Resources

David Shannon

Three Rivers Health

Gerald J. Barbini

Allegan General Hospital

Kira M. Carter-Robertson, FACHE

Senior Vice President, Affiliate Operations
Sparrow Health System