About the Session

This case study describes a unique, value-driven design process used to develop the designs for new patient units. Design strategies focused on improving the operational efficiency of the new inpatient units and increasing the safety and satisfaction of patients and their caregivers. The presenters will describe how more than 30 front-line staff were engaged to test and refine the architect’s designs during a series of four Kaizen events. Each of the events took place in full-sized, foam board mock-ups of whole inpatient units. The mock-ups allowed staff to test the designs’ operational characteristics. The Kaizen teams tested the unit design by acting out real-life medical care scenarios. These Kaizen events allowed the staff to confirm what worked well in the designs and identify details that needed to be improved. The events ultimately led to the development of innovative patient unit designs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies for designing patient units that improve patient safety and increase patient satisfaction.
  • Discover design strategies that help create streamlined operations.