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After much discussion and consideration, the ACHE Board of Governors and leadership team have decided to cancel the 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership due to the need for leaders and healthcare organizations to manage their responses to coronavirus (COVID-19) within their communities. Learn more at

05A – Selecting the Best Physician Leaders: Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Monday, March 23rd

About the Session

This session is designed to help physician and nonphysician leaders better understand the special nuances of assessing and selecting physicians for leadership positions. The presenters will review critical mistakes that are often made such as failing to fully define the role of the physician leader or the specific expectations of the job, and they will provide specific suggestions on how to adequately describe the job and the specific competencies needed to successfully perform it. Additionally, the presentation also will examine how to properly define subjective variables and “job chemistry,” as well as hiring and interviewing for five distinct positions that differ in skills and temperaments: medical staff chief of staff, hospital CMO, medical director, operations and quality. Finally, the presenters will address how to assess and evaluate candidates, determine the reliability of references, and make a final decision based on data and information collected during the process. The session also will provide guidelines on how to prepare and interview for these types of jobs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify with greater specificity the unique requirements and competencies for physician leaders.
  • Design and apply scientific and structured assessment processes to identify physician leaders and avoid the key mistakes often made when selecting them.


Presented By

Carson F. Dye, FACHE

Exceptional Leadership LLC

Raul H. Zambrano, MD, FACHE

Senior Medical Director
Oak Street Health