About the Session

Hospitals’ roles are evolving as providers seek new ways to improve the health of their communities both within and beyond hospital walls. This shift requires that hospitals collaborate with sometimes disparate community partners to ensure people can access the information, services and support they need to lead healthier lives. LifePoint Health has launched community coalition projects in numerous communities across the nation, all aimed at improving the health of target populations and addressing important community health challenges. This session will explore a public-private engagement model geared toward community health improvement. The presenters will discuss how healthcare systems and public health agency leaders can identify partners and establish collaborative and mutual goals, tactics and actions that lead to improved health outcomes. It will prompt healthcare leaders to consider innovative ways to engage collaborators in addressing public health challenges that affect health outcomes and achieve measurable hospital and public health goals.

Learning Objectives:

  • Assess how to engage and mobilize community partners together with hospitals and health systems in tackling major regional issues to improve community and population health.
  • Identify and overcome common challenges associated with public-private partnerships, setting the right goals and measuring success for all participants.