Session Details

Masters Series: Masters of Health Equity

Wednesday, March 22

10:45–11:45 a.m.

The Masters of Health Equity session recognizes healthcare leaders who are changing systems and delivering new approaches to ensure disparities in healthcare quality and access are eliminated. Join two of the foremost leaders in this space, Omar Lateef, MD, president/CEO, Rush University Medical Center, and Mary Jo Cagle, MD, CEO, Cone Health as they discuss concrete strategies for addressing systemic inequities in healthcare and provide insight into how healthcare leaders can move the needle toward health equity within their own hospitals and health systems and in the communities they serve.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the role that healthcare executives play in setting the tone within their systems and communities working toward improving health equity.
  • Describe strategies for addressing systemic inequities in healthcare.

Presented By

Kadesha Thomas Smith

Kadesha Thomas Smith


Mary Jo Cagle, MD

Mary Jo Cagle, MD


Cone Health
Omar B. Lateef, DO

Omar B. Lateef, DO


Rush University Medical Center