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Hot Topic: The Next Phase of Retail Health and Wellness

Tuesday, March 21

7:00–8:30 a.m.

As care delivery shifts outside the four walls of the hospital, healthcare consumers are increasingly demanding more affordable, high-quality care that is convenient and easy to access. While many health systems are embracing innovations to bring care directly to patients in their homes and communities, retail clinics have disrupted the care delivery space and are forcing hospitals and health systems to reevaluate decades-old paradigms. Join leading experts in the retail health space as they discuss how healthcare delivery models are evolving to meet consumer demands, how retailers are shifting the landscape of healthcare, and the way these shifts will fundamentally change the U.S. healthcare system moving forward.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify approaches that retailers are taking to meet the needs of healthcare consumers.
  • Describe the impact of retail healthcare delivery models on the future of the healthcare system.

Presented By

Marcus Osborne

Marcus Osborne

Retail Health Expert/Former Senior Vice President

Walmart Health
Caitlin Donovan

Caitlin Donovan

Global Head

Uber Health