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Hot Topic: Responsible Innovation in the Age of Digital Health: The Expanding Opportunities for Healthcare CEOs

Wednesday, March 22

7:00–8:30 a.m.

The definition of “healthcare executive” is changing. Gone are the days when health system CEOs and other healthcare leaders stayed “in their own lane” and could only focus within the four walls of their own organization. The good news is that healthcare executives are increasingly exerting leadership in new ways as leaders in venture capital, the payer space, health policy, pharma and private equity. The next generation of healthcare executives will need to engage in responsible innovation practices that prioritize mission and margin both for the patients they serve and their community. Stephen K. Klasko, MD, started his career as a community obstetrician, then as dean, president and CEO led three different academic medical centers. He now works with General Catalyst, Sheba Medical Center and others to bridge the gap between the “move fast and break things” world and the “risk-averse, mission-driven” traditional healthcare world. He will share how executives can successfully create a path within healthcare organizations to set leaders up for success, and what the ideal healthcare CEO looks like now and in the future.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the core tenets of responsible innovation.
  • Identify characteristics CEOs need to be successful leaders in healthcare today.

Presented By

Stephen K. Klasko, MD

Stephen K. Klasko, MD

Executive in Residence

General Catalyst