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CEO Circle Session: Future-Proofing Your Organization

Tuesday, March 21

10:45–11:45 a.m.

How do you prepare your organization to not only survive but also thrive post-COVID? Join Kevin B. Mahoney, CEO, University of Pennsylvania Health System, to explore the state of healthcare delivery and how macroeconomic forces are pushing us to either rapid evolution or extinction. Participants in this CEO-exclusive session will hear from one of their peers on how to build a patient-centric delivery system that can lessen our historic dependence on acute care hospitals. The new system focuses on core capabilities, including a location-flexible framework, creating effective partnerships to lighten the load, workforce development plans, building dynamic capabilities around “there are no unprofitable patients, just unprofitable delivery systems” and other key organizational traits needed to thrive in the future.

This program is only open to CEO Circle members and provider CEOs. 
CEO Circle members may attend this session free of charge; CEOs who are not CEO Circle members may attend for a fee of $185, which may be applied toward CEO Circle membership. For information on joining CEO Circle, contact  Anita Halvorsen or visit the CEO Circle information online. 

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how macroeconomic forces are affecting healthcare organizations.
  • Identify approaches for decreasing healthcare’s dependence on acute care hospitals.

Presented By

Kevin B. Mahoney, DBA

Kevin B. Mahoney, DBA


University of Pennsylvania Health System