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91H - Ambulatory Care Redesign: Primary Care Access Optimization and Management Systems

Wednesday, March 22

2:00–3:00 p.m.

John Muir Health Foundation Practice Operations ambulatory primary care sites were experiencing a significant open visit capacity issue. Leadership identified an acute need to close the open capacity gap by establishing an access vision, reducing provider administrative burden, and standardizing scheduling templates and the template management process. Also included in the initiative was the design and implementation of “clear-the-way” activities, such as standing up a centralized prescription refill center, improving clinical workflows, and ensuring top-of-license work. The efforts resulted in improved open capacity while decreasing provider burden.

JMHFPO also acknowledged the need to address structural issues related to running the ambulatory practices. The organizational structure and the systems required to operate an industry-leading provider enterprise were entirely redesigned. Leadership and management were required to interview for existing and newly defined roles and the following were created: job descriptions, metric-driven incentive structures, scorecards/dashboards, financial remediation process, formalized meeting standards, and practice management training programs. The result was a high-performing management team equipped with the tools to deliver against the system’s mission and financial, operational and strategic goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Review how John Muir Health redesigned the ambulatory practice management structure and the systems required to operate an industry leading provider enterprise.
  • Summarize key tactics and takeaways, barriers encountered and detailed measures of success.

Presented By

Maureen Stevenson, MD

Maureen Stevenson, MD

Senior Vice President

John Muir Foundation Practice Operations
Jessica Hazard, MPH

Jessica Hazard, MPH

Senior Director, Medical Group Optimization

Optum Advisory Services