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87H - The How of Now: Creating Inclusion, Collaboration and Trust in Every Leadership Moment

Wednesday, March 22

10:45–11:45 a.m.

Healthcare leaders need to start with “why” when creating ambitious mission statements, strategic plans and DEI statements since they are establishing equally ambitions efforts to measure the “what” of desired outcomes for those efforts. This session is centered on a tongue twister troubling many healthcare leaders across the country: Why is my what not the what my why wanted?

To answer this question, leaders must look at the “how” of their daily behaviors. This session will explore how the collection of thousands of daily leadership moments has a critical impact on organizational culture. Those moments may create dynamic cultures of inclusion, collaboration and trust or they may create cultures filled with fear, mistrust and anxiety.

Presenters will use examples of leadership best practices from business, academia, sports, mindfulness and creative arts to demonstrate meaningful actions leaders can take to transform how they show up in the moments that matter. They will discuss the business case for the how of leadership being more important than ever in a highly competitive market and specific tools and actions to recognize the role of status, create a sense of presence and engagement, create space for equitable contributions, listen effectively when under stress, and ensure the right combination of accountability and psychological safety.

Participants will engage in a fast-paced combination of lecture, group exercises, case studies and 1:1 interaction to share their personal stories and explore key lessons to better understand how to apply new skills in their leadership context, reflecting on key lessons and creating a one-page action plan focused on their personal and team How of Now goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Participants will understand how misaligned daily leadership behaviors can negatively impact organizational culture and results.
  • Participants will gain skills to explore fresh ways of creating leadership moments that promote a culture of inclusion, collaboration and trust.

Presented By

Michael Eppehimer, FACHE

Michael Eppehimer, FACHE


ThreefoldYes, LLC
Kristi Pintar, EdD

Kristi Pintar, EdD

Corporate Director, Population Health New Product Development