Session Details

60H - How to Succeed in Driving Impactful Outcomes for Patients With Certain Chronic Conditions Using Remote Care Management

Tuesday, March 21

3:15–4:15 p.m.

Over the last several years, the use of telehealth and remote monitoring solutions has increased, but adoption and clinical results have thus far been mixed. This session will cover how to succeed in driving impactful outcomes for patients with certain chronic conditions using remote care management, through a combination of technology and hands-on clinical interventions. Chronic conditions affect 60% of U.S. adults and are the leading causes of disability and death. This session will go in-depth with clinical representatives of community health systems and a remote care management solution partner, Cadence, to present a model for how health system and physician practices can effectively implement remote care solutions, gain adoption by clinicians and more thoroughly engage patients in daily health management.

Presenters will review success criteria for implementation, existing data, patient case studies and then teach the audience how to effectively implement this technology with positive results. This will include outlining a new approach to managing and triaging alerts of patients battling chronic conditions, such as congestive heart failure, hypertension and type 2 diabetes, as well as improved escalation pathways leading to better care delivered, higher physician satisfaction, and a sustainable economic model for health systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate how to analyze and interpret data to optimize care delivery and achieve better outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.
  • Use criteria to select a technology partner and implement effective remote patient monitoring programs, including clinical dyad models, physician adoption and success metrics.

Presented By

Lynn Simon, MD, FACHE

Lynn Simon, MD, FACHE

President, Clinical Operations/CMO

Community Health Systems
Chris Altchek

Chris Altchek


Eric Cheung, MD

Eric Cheung, MD

Family Medicine, Primary Care Physician

South Baldwin Medical Group–Primary Care