Session Details

53H - Turning Headwinds Into Tailwinds With a Digital-First Strategy

Tuesday, March 21

2:00–3:00 p.m.

Today’s health systems operate under unrelentless pressure, as rising costs, workforce shortages, declining reimbursements and public health emergencies show no signs of slowing down. All are occurring as healthcare brand loyalty dwindles with consumers becoming increasingly unsatisfied and demanding digitally enabled care experiences. The limitations of health systems’ traditional operating and care models are clear, and these organizations are facing a crisis with devastating consequences. Adopting a digital-first strategy is an essential strategic move to provide health systems with a critical lifeline and enable them to solve today’s most pressing needs and build a long-term advantage in the process.

Digital strategies play an integral role in augmenting health systems’ efforts to provide convenient access to care, while allowing nurses, physicians and administrative staff to do the work they are trained for. Providing virtual care and access options enables consumers to access more convenient and cost-effective care options, increasing patient acquisition, retention and satisfaction. Other digital solutions streamline back-office functions, reduce the need for error-prone labor-intensive tasks, lower unit costs for care delivery and optimize overall capacity.

This session will share a thorough overview and recommendations for leaders and organizations to invest in the right digital initiatives and wire themselves for short and long-term success. It will combine methods and strategies to transform the organization’s outlook on future innovation while optimizing performance against today’s top challenges. Real-world use cases and results will illustrate the session’s learnings and strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to evaluate and adopt proven digital strategies to radically improve performance, sustainability and growth, despite headwinds of labor shortages and inflation.
  • Identify a short list of no-regrets digital capability areas and playbook to structurally reduce reliance on high-cost labor and make progress on broader transformation goals.

Presented By

Patrick Higley

Patrick Higley

Senior Director, Operational Transformation