Session Details

46H - Reinvesting in Nursing: Innovations in Nursing Workforce Management

Tuesday, March 21

10:45–11:45 a.m.

Health systems are dealing with unprecedented workforce challenges, particularly related to their professional nursing staff. Turnover rates have rapidly accelerated, resulting in an explosion in contingent labor use. This session will include a brief review of the environmental conditions and employer decisions that have contributed to the current nursing workforce challenges, as well as explore the new and emerging solutions that are helping to solve them. This will include a discussion of strategies to improve the job-seeking experience, accelerate hiring and improve the overall onboarding experience. Presenters will also explore technology innovations in staffing, scheduling and labor management systems and how more flexible workforce management policies can contribute to improved retention and less dependence on external labor sources. This presentation will also review strategies that will promote nursing system integration as well as build and sustain the professional nursing staff for the long term. To ensure a nursing workforce for the future, the engagement and support of all operational leaders, including nursing, finance, human resources and IT, is essential.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the conditions that have contributed to the current nursing workforce crisis and the resulting risks being experienced by healthcare organizations today.
  • Identify three innovative solutions that have proven effective in improving and stabilizing the nursing workforce.

Presented By

Carol Bradley, MSN, RN, FAONL

Carol Bradley, MSN, RN, FAONL

Chief Nurse Executive

Prolucent Health