Session Details

41X - The Honey and Glue Formula for Recruiting and Retaining the Best Staff

Tuesday, March 21

9:00–10:30 a.m.

Into the foreseeable future, recruiting and retention will be the most important job for most healthcare leaders. A McKinsey report, published May 17, 2022, projects a nursing shortage of 450,000 as early as 2025. The AACN website Hear Us Out reminds us that “a hospital without nurses cannot save your life.” A perfect storm of the pandemic-induced Great Resignation coupled with the Great Retirement of the baby boomer generation ensures that the challenge will continue into the foreseeable future. This session will explain why recruiting and retention is not just one word and share the Honey and Glue Formula for providing appropriate incentives for attracting and then retaining good people. Presenters will also show how recruiting and retention strategies that have been so successful for children’s hospitals can be applied in adult settings; share strategies for utilizing temporary staffing as a means to supplement permanent staff rather than depending upon temps as a long-term solution; and share practical strategies to include values, culture and workplace experience to enhance employee attraction and loyalty including innovative use of stories, rituals and visual cues.

Learning Objectives

  • Design and implement a recruiting and onboarding process that creates a competitive advantage for attracting the best candidates.
  • Design and implement a structured process to build a culture of ownership that enhances employee loyalty.

Presented By

Joe Tye

Joe Tye

Founder/Head Coach

Values Coach Inc.
Jamie Wiggins, PhD(c), RN, FACHE

Jamie Wiggins, PhD(c), RN, FACHE

Executive VP/COO

Arkansas Children's
Solena Barrera

Solena Barrera

Vice President, Recruiting and Delivery

Team Recruit