Session Details

103H - Moving From Person-Centered to Equity-Centered Care: Strategic and Practical Implementation of EID in a Large Healthcare System to Improve Health Disparity Outcomes

Wednesday, March 22

4:30–5:30 p.m.

Given the focus on healthcare disparities in the last few years, large healthcare systems have explored a variety of avenues to address diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations. Many have focused on teaching and education of their staff in DEI. However, many organizations still have challenges in addressing DEI to improve health disparities beyond education and teaching. Healthcare systems should view their approach to equity with the foundation of inclusion, accountability and advocacy and develop practical approaches to implementing these values beyond teaching. This session will give leaders a framework to improving disparities from a quality and safety perspective; explore methods of reviewing all workflows with an DEI lens as opposed to siloed DEI work; provide examples of practical solutions of DEI implementation beyond teaching and education; demonstrate how DEI data collection, when done along with other standard key measures and benchmarks, can inform decision trees leading to improved health disparities; and illustrate how DEI is an integral part of building a culture of safety. The use of a case study and summary checklist will provide immediate take-home tools to assist teams with seamless implementation.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate practical approaches at incorporating DEI efforts into existing workflows.
  • Review and design workflows through an equity lens and train teams how to use DEI data collection to make decisions leading to decreases in health disparities.

Presented By

Nwando Eze, MD, FACHE, FAAP

Nwando Eze, MD, FACHE, FAAP

Regional Medical Director of Neonatology

Robin Betts, RN, CPHQ

Robin Betts, RN, CPHQ

Vice President, Safety, Quality and Regulatory Services

Kaiser Foundation Health Plan & Hospitals, Northern California