Session Details

07X - Operationalize Personalization in a Healthcare System

Monday, March 20

10:00–11:30 a.m.

Healthcare leaders are faced with two massive, yet interconnected, challenges: A workforce filled with people who have likely just been through the most challenging, dehumanizing years of their working lives and patients who are increasingly frustrated with a system that is not designed to see them as unique individuals. Most leaders treat each of these challenges as separate, but they share the same roots and must be tackled together. Within every organization, there are deeply embedded barriers that make it hard to create a culture that honors individuality and is welcoming to all. In this session, presenters will share a proven system for rooting out and overcoming those barriers. They will use stories and data to introduce five indicators of individuality; provide a model for using those indicators to measure inclusion; examine two case studies to see how this model helps leaders interrupt outdated habits and pivot toward inclusion and individuality; and give participants a simple process (Assess + Interrupt + Pivot) for immediate implementation in their own organizations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand that individuality leads to inclusion and inclusion propels growth and fulfillment in the ways healthcare leaders serve employees, patients and communities.
  • Design and deploy a measurable approach to individuality and inclusion that reduces costs, increases quality and safety, and strengthens the strategic mission.

Presented By

Tom Jackiewicz

Tom Jackiewicz


UChicago Medicine
Glenn Llopis

Glenn Llopis

CEO/Chief Personalization Officer

Glenn Llopis Group